Alexandre De Paris

Sébastien Bailly takes on a luxury legacy

It’s a well-known fact that we own nothing—we merely nurture what we’ve built over a lifetime and trust that it will be in safe hands after our demise. This is exactly how it was for Louis Alexandre Raimon, Paris’ most famous hairstylist, who ruled the runways of French haute couture in the 1950s and was the living embodiment of the “celebrity hairstylist”—discreet, super-talented, and impressively connected.
Sébastien Bailly

Indeed, Raimon created iconic looks for royalty, high society and celebrities, with an eye-popping list of clients that included Elizabeth Taylor (he created her famous Cleopatra coif), Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, Princess Grace of Monaco, Sophia Lauren, and Mrs. Wallis Simpson, to name a distinguished few. Alexandre de Paris—a brand in his own right—passed away aged 85 in 2008, but years earlier had the foresight to pass on operational control to French luxury hair accessory manufacturer, The Bailly Group. 
Then, in 2012, the Group acquired the brand in its entirety. 

Today, Sébastien Bailly is the CEO at the helm of Bailly Créations, partnered by his wife and Creative Director, Fabienne, who is responsible for its vision. “Bailly Créations was born of my wife’s determination—she oversaw the handmade designs and creations,” says Bailly. “My expertise lay in expanding the company on a global scale.”

Alexandre de Paris

Bailly Créations certainly has an impressive worldwide reach, with around 200 points of sale and more than 100 exclusive stores located in Paris, London, Japan, Greater China (China Mainland, Hong Kong SAR, Taiwan) Brazil, Dubai, and most recently in the USA at Nordstrom and Sachs. “Our online store has also become an important development,” says Bailly. “Wherever our clients are, we can deliver within four days.”

The Alexandre de Paris brand is based in France at two production sites: Oyonnax focuses on the manufacture of acetate items, while Paris is dedicated to leather, velvet and silk products. Several of the brand’s bestsellers are embellished with Swarovski crystals, including the Hair Charmed range, which he describes as “…a brand new product family that’s perfect for the client who wishes to create elegant, feminine, individual hairstyles to match her mood.”

Sébastien Bailly’s pride in the integrity of the brand’s vision and values is abundantly clear: “The care we bring to the creation of our products is our daily priority—to maintain high-end, luxury craftsmanship that our clients appreciate. Indeed, we are part of Comité Vendôme in Paris, warrantor of the most prestigious French maisons.”

“We’ve gone from a simple workshop in the Jura Mountains to opening stores in the greatest capital cities across the world—the most beautiful among them will open soon in Shanghai.” 

So what does he predict for the already-stellar brand’s future? “Our aim is to focus on training clients in the art of wearing our accessories. This new phase will open more doors internationally, because we know women are always interested in maximizing their assets.” Amen to the new phase, we say. Bring it on!