Liz Palacios

A jewelry designer with a legacy of love designed to last

Heritage is important to Liz Palacios; indeed, she’s known for eclectic jewelry designs with vintage appeal and a trendy edge, along with an enduring respect for exquisite workmanship. One of three daughters from a highly creative family of New York-based Colombian immigrants, she tells us how the senior women in her family encouraged her to pursue her passion.
Liz Palacios
I began my business in 1987, and I used Swarovski crystals from the get-go. My first piece was a large crystal-encrusted hoop earring with wire-wrapped crystals around the hoop and a striking collage of crystals at its apex. The brilliance of all Swarovski’s colors is so inspiring, although I do have favorites, like Golden Shadow, Moonlight, Silver Shade, Pacific Opal and Turquoise. 

Having started small in San Francisco flea markets, four years later we had Liz Palacios Design pieces selling at upscale department store, Nordstrom: we sold an incredible eighty sets of Rivoli crystal-embellished button covers at our very first trunk show there!

Liz PalaciosI’m driven by creative passion. It’s something I inherited from my mother who painted and my grandmother who designed jewelry. My sister Pattie upcycles cashmere and my daughter Talia is way ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion. 

My background has given me an interest in the concept of passing things on. The emotional legacy of objects as they are handed from one generation to the next is thrilling to me. They tell a story. If I can make a piece of jewelry that will survive generations, then I’ll have done something beautiful. 

We stand behind our quality and we guarantee our jewelry for life. We still make our products in the US. They’re a mix of contemporary and vintage, very eclectic in design.

Liz PalaciosI’m an old soul. The past has a beautiful story, and it’s reflected in the future’s story. As a teenager I traveled the world. I sought out interesting shops, looking for vintage jewelry, and England was where I bought my first pieces. I fell in love with them because I found a level of craftsmanship that doesn’t exist anymore. I wanted to resurrect that in a contemporary way. 

I like to mix the old with the new. We’re currently big on upcycling and busy with a terrifically fun project that repurposes 27 years’ worth of finished Swarovski pieces and loose crystals to make fabulous one-of-a-kind jewelry.