Philippe Ferrandis

Parisian jeweler and master of his art

Parisian jewelry designer par excellence and self-style “Parurier à Paris”, Philippe Ferrandis is fêted across the globe for his opulent, intricate and sculptural statement jewelry: “My customers are women with very strong personalities. They don’t want to be anonymous; they want to find the right accessory to make them glamorous and different,” he explains.

Central to the Ferrandis creative vision has always been his passion for the shapes and colors of crystals from Swarovski. In the latest of the crystal maison’s exclusive video series, celebrating 120 years of the company’s creative collaborations, the virtuoso describes the process of designing jewelry as akin to using a “painter’s palette” as he focuses on themes such as history, nature or architecture. His latest collaboration with Swarovski is distinctly architectural—the startlingly beautiful skyscraper-inspired Manhattan collection. For a look at pieces of spectacular complexity, together with an explanation of how Ferrandis achieves them from the man himself, watch the short video. It’s a masterclass in modern beauty.