ShanOre Crystals From Swarovski

Trinity Pendant Encrusted with Swarovski Crystals

Steeped in beauty and meaning this lovely Trinity Pendant features a tilted heart crafted out of sterling silver and adorned with Swarovski crystals. In the middle of the heart a gold plated Trinity Knot glows brightly. Three in One, The Trinity Knot also known as a Triquetra can be found dating back thousands of years in Celtic culture and design. The three interlaced shapes are said to represent the union of three things in a manner where no beginning and no end can be found. These meanings may include mind body and spirit or past present and future. The Triquetra is also used to stand for the commitment to love honor and protect in a marriage or relationship. The personal significance and beauty of the Trinity Knot is that it can hold unique meaning to each person that chooses to wear it. By adding your own significance to it or even simply admiring the beauty of the design it carries its own special meaning to each individual. The fiery gold and sparkling crystals from Swarovski would look especially brilliant set against a deep jewel toned sweater or top.