Trinity Heart Necklace Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals

A gorgeous heart filled with beautiful purple tanzanite and violet crystals from Swarovski demands attention and the intricate details of the interior heart including a sterling silver trinity knot and heart and gold plated shamrock give this trinity heart necklace a sweet and sentimental feel. The color purple has been a sacred color for centuries often denoting royalty or possession of wealth and is one of the more precious colors thanks to the rare opportunity to see it in the natural world. It promotes positivity by uplifting the spirits of people around it and is one of the more spiritual colors. People who are drawn to purple or choose to wear it are considered to be extremely creative independent and devoted. The sweet sentiment of the color and design of this pendant make it a wonderful gift for a person who is both creative and devoted and a lover of all things Celtic. She will wear this necklace with pride while explaining the significance of the shamrock and trinity knot to others much as one would with a charm bracelet.