Trinity Shamrock Heart Necklace Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals (Aquamarine)

This Trinity Heart Pendant was crafted in a perfectly symmetrical heart shape and embellished with aquamarine and white crystals from Swarovski which reflect the light in astonishing radiance from any angle. Inside the heart are three symbols, petite in size but monumental in meaning a gold plated shamrock a trinity knot and a heart. The rich color of aquamarine instantly brings to mind the sea and all of the characteristics that go with it. The calming nature of water and the relaxing movement of waves are all translated through this lovely shade. Aquamarine is said to have power healing and emotional qualities including the ability to help create harmony amongst people and lead them towards improved communication and compromise. People who wear aquamarine are said to be compassionate and have a knack for helping others. With the calming properties of the aquamarine and its natural power to bring about teamwork this pendant is the perfect accessory to wear at work or during team meetings. It looks amazing set against a solid colored tunic allowing all of the details and colors to shine through.