Claddagh Trinity Necklace Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals (Tanzanite)

A dazzling display of Celtic culture this Claddagh Trinity necklace stands out thanks to the outer oval shape that is embellished with tanzanite crystals from Swarovski giving it a beautiful purple color. Inside the oval are a sterling silver Claddagh symbol and gold plated trinity knot both of which are iconic Celtic designs. Tanzanite not only has a brilliant hue but it has important properties that make it a highly coveted stone. It is said to bring happiness to the person wearing it filling them with energy and good fortune and giving them an appreciation for the abundance that life has given them. It contains healing properties is naturally soothing and helps de-stress surrounding environments and is one of the birthstones for those born in December. This gorgeous pendant would make a wonderful birthday or graduation gift for someone born in December or one who simply loves the color purple and appreciates the association and meaning behind the traditional Celtic symbols of the Claddagh and trinity knot.