Shamrock Heart necklace Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals (Silver & Green stones)

This Shamrock Circle necklace will have friends and strangers alike asking for a closer look. With three sterling silver shamrocks dancing delicately amongst hearts and Celtic knot work all embellished with emerald and white crystals from Swarovski this design piece is sure to make a statement. The mesmerizing green color of emerald is known for its healing properties and ability to instill positive feelings and outlook for anyone in its presence. When worn emerald indicates that the person wearing it is strong and confident in their skills and that they are in tune with nature and the power that the natural world brings to all forms of life. Emerald is a friendly and approachable color and people who wear it are considered to be the same. Featuring hearts, shamrocks and lovely Celtic knot work this pendant is sure to have a few of her favorite things. It makes a great present to celebrate a promotion at work or as a holiday gift. The beauty of the design is sure to impress.