Celtic Trinity Knot Embellished with Swarovski Crystals

A statement of adoration and beauty the lovely shimmer of Swarovski crystals expertly enhance this charming necklace which features the traditional Celtic Trinity Knot hanging gracefully from a matching sterling silver chain. The trinity knot also known as a Triquetra is a centuries old symbol steeped with meaning in the Celtic culture. It is a personal icon that can mean different things to different people including religious indications as the symbol for the Holy Trinity. However in modern times the trinity knot has become a treasured symbol of the commitments made in marriage and is used in wedding decorations and invitations to represent the happy couples vows to love honor and protect one another. A meaningful gift to the one you love this trinity knot pendant with Swarovski crystals will help her remember all of the promises you have made to one another and the commitment that has bound you together. It will look particularly splendid when paired with a open or v-shaped neckline of a blouse or dress.