Heart Trinity Necklace Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals

Take her breath away with this captivating Heart Trinity necklace from Shanore. The heart shaped pendant is filled with exquisite scrollwork surrounding the trinity knot symbol in the center. The entire piece is expertly encrusted with white crystals from Swarovski. The heart is a grand representation of love whether it is the love from a husband to his wife parent to child or close friends. It has been used as a symbol for centuries- in that a person is giving all their love by giving their heart to another. When paired with the Trinity Knot a Celtic symbol representing the relationship between mind, body and spirit or the promise to love, honor and protect the two designs combine to create a powerful message of unending love and commitment. There is no gift quite an endearing as one symbolic of the exceptional love you share with another. The Heart Trinity pendant is a striking present for an anniversary or engagement and will be an uplifting token that will remind her of your love each time it catches her eye throughout the day.