ShanOre Crystals From Swarovski

Shamrock Earrings

It is hard to take your eyes off of this charming sterling earring set which shines brightly thanks to the mesmerizing emerald Swarovski crystals which are expertly arranged within the leaves of polished shamrocks. The color green symbolizes the best of what most people strive for. It represents strength dignity and is said to instill energy and harmony into the lives of people in its presence. It declares the wearer to be friendly and helpful and someone who has a good sense of balance in all aspects of their lives. The color has natural healing properties and promotes growth in all things. People who wear green are said to be drawn to nature a positive support for those around and to be natural givers in life. These beautiful earrings make an excellent gift for the woman in your life who cherishes Irish design and who embodies the characteristics the emerald color is known for. She will enjoy wearing these with her hair pulled part way back to allow everyone around her to see the flash of color and unique design.