Gold Plated Shamrock Earrings Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals

Express your Irish heritage with these delightful Shamrock earrings which are artfully encrusted with Swarovski crystals and include a gold plated leaf for an unexpected pop of fashionable allure. Undoubtedly Irish, take one glance at a shamrock and it instantly brings to mind all of the wonderful things that make Ireland a special place, the gorgeous landscape, the kind people and the engaging culture to name a few. Noted throughout historical writings for the fields of clovers that dotted the hillsides the shamrock has over time become the national symbol of Ireland and is a popular choice for organizations and individuals alike to show their connection to the Emerald Isle. With a measure of pride, the strong symbolism and connection to Ireland, anyone who is proud of their Irish heritage would be thrilled to receive these dazzling earrings as a gift. The earrings can be paired with a matching Gold Plated Shamrock necklace that is also decorated with crystals from Swarovski to create a stunning set that is perfect to wear for any occasion.