Trinity Knot Circle Necklace Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals

A dazzling showpiece this Trinity Circle necklace sparkles with emerald and white crystals from Swarovski which are precisely inlaid amongst the repetitive Trinity Knots which interact with one another to create a series of delicate circles inside an outer circle border. Celtic tradition is known for the incredible craftsmanship of creating knot work designs using interwoven cords or symbols to create a larger work of art. The cords are unbroken having neither a clear beginning nor end and therefore create a sense of flow and movement throughout the piece in much the same way that energy and life flow freely and continuously through time. Celtic tradition indicates that circles provide protection in much the same way that the color emerald represents a strength and wisdom to overcome adversity. Any individual who appreciates the time and skill involved in crafting detailed Celtic designs will adore receiving this Trinity Circle Pendant as a gift. The pop of emerald color will bring energy and confidence to the wearer who will wear the necklace with pride.