ShanOre Crystals From Swarovski

Shamrock Necklace Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals

Undoubtedly Irish this gorgeous necklace has all the aspects that bring the Emerald Isle to mind. The sterling silver shamrock hangs gracefully from the chain and is adorned with vibrant emerald crystals from Swarovski. The deep green of the color emerald brings to mind images of springtime and the new life of all things in the natural world and very fittingly represents both growth and rebirth. The color is considered a very soothing color that brings balance and harmony to the person wearing it. Also a color associated very strongly with Ireland the emerald crystals from Swarovski combine with the shamrock shape the national symbol of Ireland making this pendant both reflective of Irish heritage and a celebration of the personal growth one has encountered in life. Celebrate the progress you have made in life while enjoying the harmony and balance this necklace will help bring to your daily routine. The pendant with its pop of color looks fabulous when worn alone or can be paired with matching earring available from ShanOre.