Tree of Life Necklace Encrusted With Swarovski Crystals (Clear)

The awesome power of the Celtic Tree of Life is displayed in this mesmerizing pendant. Set against a background encrusted by aquamarine crystals from Swarovski the incredible detail creates a visually energizing work of art that includes the roots and branches of the tree joining together being accented with sparkling white crystals from Swarovski. The Tree of Life also known as the Crann Bethadh is an important icon in Celtic culture. Trees were of the upmost importance to ancient Druids and Celts as they were a life-giving source that sustained all creatures providing shelter food and acting as a gathering place. The intertwined branches and roots point to the connection that trees provide between the heavens (branches) and the earth (roots) creating a communication path to the Gods. The immense detail of this pendant makes it more than just a necklace it is a work of art that is sure to be a showstopper. The elegant circle design creates a visually pleasing look that hangs perfectly from the neckline and looks great set against a solid or neutral outfit as a background.