Butterfly Necklace Embellished With Swarovski Crystals (Peridot)

In this ravishing Trinity Butterfly necklace artists from ShanOre have delicately designed a floating butterfly and embellished it with peridot and white crystals from Swarovski with meaningful Trinity Knots on the wings. The butterfly is known for its incredible transformation process and metamorphosis as it slowly evolves throughout its lifetime with each stage more beautiful than the next. In much the same manner the butterfly represents the change and progress that mankind undergoes in a continuous manner- always moving and evolving with each new stage bringing opportunities despite fears of the unknown. The free spirit of the butterfly reminds us to relax and accept new challenges in our lives. This lovely butterfly pendant with its symbolism of change and Trinity Knots to demonstrate the power of Past, Present and Future is the perfect gift to celebrate a major accomplishment whether it be a promotion at work or overcoming a more personal endeavor. The design piece would look stunning with a square framed blouse or set against a white sweater.