Trinity Pearl Necklace adorned by Swarovski Crystals

The classic beauty will appreciate this gorgeous pearl bracelet which has a delicate trinity knot charm that is embellished with Swarovski crystals giving it a lustrous and high end overall look. The pearl is recognized worldwide for its beauty and value and a perfect pearl is the symbol of a rare find. Much like the gem itself the person wearing pearls is considered a treasured gift and of immense value to the person who bestowed it. The addition of the trinity knot provides another element of personal connection. The symbol which is easily considered one of the most common in Celtic design denotes the beauty and harmony of three objects or people that are interconnected. Pearls are often given in recognition of the special meaning the giver holds for the person and therefore this Trinity Pearl bracelet makes a beautiful gift in celebration of a birthday or special occasion. The bracelet looks brilliant when worn with a simple day dress and its elegant and classic design allows it to coordinate perfectly with any outfit regardless of type of attire.