Silver Claddagh Necklace embellished with Swarovski Crystals (Light Sapphires)

Add a touch of color and sentiment to your daily wardrobe with this Claddagh necklace featuring light sapphire crystals from Swarovski. The colorful design centers around the Claddagh symbol of a heart that is embraced by two hands and adorned by a crown. The color sapphire a vibrant blue symbolizes the confidence and importance of the person wearing it while also standing for sincerity and truth. People who wear the color sapphire are said to have confidence in themselves and their abilities yet carry themselves in a manner that is not pretentious thanks to their capacity for sincerity and caring for those around them. When paired with the Claddagh symbol a traditional Celtic design that represents love friendship and loyalty it demonstrates that the wearer has confidence in their relationship with another person whether that be a spouse or other familial relationship or friendship. The charming design and hint of color make this necklace the perfect accessory piece for everyday wear. It adds a pop of color to work apparel and looks fabulous when paired with a button up blouse or scoop neckline.