Trinity Angel Necklace embellished with Swarovski Crystals (Aquamarine)

The splendid design of this Angel Trinity necklace is enhanced by the extraordinary aquamarine and white crystals from Swarovski that embellish it. On the skirt of the heavenly figure is an arrangement of trinity knots an ancient Celtic symbol. The vibrant blue of the aquamarine provides the mind with a spa-like retreat as the color appears to float like waves creating a calming and relaxing effect. It is a popular color thanks to its life-giving qualities including the promotion of positive energy and the ability to continue making forward progress much as the waves continue to float on the ocean. The angel serves to represent that one is never alone in either their struggles or their journey and helps to create a serene environment for which to prosper. Shimmering like the sea this Angel Trinity pendant will remind the lucky recipient that they are surrounded by love and people who care to support them on their journey. It makes a wonderful gift for someone who acts an angel to others by showing appreciation for their unfaltering support.