Trinity Angel necklace embellished with Swarovski Crystals (Clear)

The heavenly styling of this Angel Trinity necklace seems to give off pure radiance thanks to the light-catching embellishment of the Swarovski crystals that adorn the entire piece. On the skirt of the angel are trinity knots a traditional Celtic symbol. Trinity knots are known for their portrayal of three things existing as one being. One of the most popular interpretations of that is of the Holy Trinity where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit all exist as God. Angels are said to the be the messengers of God carrying out the will of a higher and divine power. The two symbols combined indicate a willingness to maintain a spiritual journey towards self-explorations and actualization. This lovely necklace with its spiritual significance and charming sheen thanks to the Swarovski crystals is a coveted gift for someone who is pursuing their own path of enlightenment. The angel design will serve to remind them daily that they are never alone in the pursuit providing them encouragement and guidance throughout their journey.