Trinity Knot bracelet adorned with Swarovski Crystals

The enchanting look of this bracelet will bring others to ask for a closer look. Remarkable crystals from Swarovski perfectly embellish a Trinity Knot which is held in place by a unique design of the sterling silver chain with ring clasp. Made up of three cords formed in almond shaped segments the trinity knot is one of the most famous types of Celtic knot work which is easily recognizable by interwoven cords without a break in the lines. The three cords of the trinity knot stand for the three pillars of commitment that is made in a loving relationship- to love honor and protect one another. Just as in the knot these three pledges lay the groundwork for the creation of a beautiful result- a happy life together. This bracelet is the ideal gift for the style conscientious woman who is always on pace with the latest fashion trend. The special meaning behind the trinity knot makes it an incredible gift for a birthday anniversary or to bring a romantic date night to a close.