Trinity Knot Bead Encrusted with Swarovski Crystals

With classically stunning design this Trinity Knot Bead features a band of Celtic trinity knots beautifully carved out of sterling silver and surrounded by two rows of genuine white Swarovski crystals. The trinity knot or Triquetra as it is often referred holds deep symbolism in Celtic culture. The knot is reflective of traditional Celtic styling where a series of cords are interwoven in a seamless manner. The trinity knot specifically is made up of three cords that form a three-cornered shape. Aside from being artistically important it also holds spiritual meaning both as representation of mind, body and spirit in pagan ritual and for Father, Son and Holy Spirit in Christian belief. However to the wearer it can stand for any triad of things they hold dear. Thanks to the stylish approach the craftsmen at ShanOre have taken in creating this Trinity Knot Bead it will look right at home with any of the other Tara's Diary beads. It would look especially divine when placed on a colored leather charm bracelet.