Celtic Bead Embellished With Swarovski Crystals (Emeralds)

Gazing into this spectacular bead one can almost see shamrocks filling the hillsides of the Emerald Isle thanks to the brilliant emerald and white crystals from Swarovski. Intricate Celtic knots complete the sterling silver bead adding lovely texture and significance. The impressive and expansive knotwork found throughout Celtic artwork consists largely of interlaced cords in intricate patterns and designs. Many of the designs feature plait work which features unbroken designs made by woven cords or bands. Examples of such knotwork including endless and basket weave knots date back to the 3rd Century A.D. when the ancient Celts used them as decoration long before they were adopted by the Christian faith. The Celtic style was then used extensively to decorate religious texts and symbols and continues to be a popular style of artwork today. The Celtic Knot Bead from ShanOre's splendid Tara's Diary collection makes a great gift for someone who admires the intention of Celtic art or appreciates the beauty of the stunning Swarovski crystals. It will look ideal on a sterling silver charm bracelet available from the collection.