ShanOre Crystals From Swarovski

Celtic Trinity Knot Necklace

A darling Sterling Silver Celtic Trinity Knot charm, shines with Swarovski® crystals and hangs from a beautifully crafted Celtic braid frame. The Trinity Knot is a classic Celtic symbol, also referred to as a triquetra; this necklace presents the three-pointed insignia in a striking design of Swarovski crystals. Throughout history the Trinity Knot has held many meanings. There are both Christian and non-Christian distinctions for the three points. Some choose to wear it as The Holy Trinity and some wear it to represent the natural forces: earth, air and water. While the Trinity Knot can represent many ideas, it is up to the wearer to determine exactly what it means to them. What will it mean to you? Wear this Celtic Trinity Knot necklace a symbol of Celtic pride, or as a spiritual expression. Whichever purpose you have in wearing it you will surely turn heads with beaming crystals and striking detailed sterling silver adorning your décolleté. Pair it with your favorite set of Shanore Trinity Knot earrings or wear alone to draw the eye.