ShanOre Crystals From Swarovski

Celtic Shamrock necklace

Brilliant Swarovski® Crystals are showcased with a beautiful, modern influence on the Celtic Shamrock design. The shamrock drop pendant is adorned with stunning crystals set in Sterling Silver, and hangs from a remarkably detailed Celtic braided circle frame. Shamrock The Shamrock is a feature emblem of Ireland representing new life and new beginnings. This widely recognized image is that of a young clover, and the clover is usually illustrated in a state of new growth. The shamrock often symbolizes a state of rebirth or a time of spring. In Christian history, the Shamrock is associated with St. Patrick, the patron Saint of Ireland. A state of new beginnings derives from the three pointed shape of the Shamrock in its similarity to The Holy Trinity, and the idea of regeneration. In Christian and non-denominational belief, the Shamrock holds rich Celtic romanticism. New Beginnings Mark an occasion by gifting this showstopper to your friend, love or family member who is embarking on a new path. This brilliant, shining Celtic insignia hangs delicately from an 18? chain so the wearer can show of their Shanore Shamrock pendant with beaming pride.