A Nod to Arabia

The richness of Arabic culture is showing its influence on fashion all over the world as spring turns into summer. While new life blooms on both sides of the Atlantic, color gets more vibrant and jewel-like, fold and drape become key, and fabric cut plays peekaboo.

Armed with her thestreetmuse.it lens, Melanie Galea caught blog-stars Hanneli Mustaparta and Sofie Valkiers on New York City’s sidewalks. Exposed midriffs (think belly-dancer style) were the story, with Hanneli choosing opulent patterning to offset perfectly golden skin, while Sofie looked coolly chic in red stripes on white against porcelain-pale flesh. 

Kristina Bazan and Yuwei Zhangzou in NYC, plus Thassia Naves in Paris, all deployed brilliant flashes of color to eye-popping effect. We love Kristina’s pleated clementine underskirt and Yuwei’s New York taxi-yellow strapless dress with candy-hued handbag-‘n’-heels set. Thassia cleverly color-clashed pink with red, while in Paris, Nausheen Shah’s blazing white shirtdress, oh-so-casually tied to the side, was elevated to dressed-up status with accessories and sky-high sandals. Meanwhile, the wrap-effect dress worn by a mystery fashionista in NYC made a virtue of its dramatically uneven hem; this dress says “Accessories? I’m fabulous just as I am, thanks.” We couldn’t agree more. 

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