Accessories for the perfect bride

There is no doubt that the dress is the star piece of any bridal look worth its salt, however, you must pay special attention to the complements to finish configuring a totally dazzling look that marks your personality.


Jewels are one of the most important accessories of a bride since they have the power to change a look completely. They have a world of possibilities, from more minimalist proposals to maxi earrings… so fashionable nowadays. In your choice you can clearly show your personality and guide the wedding styling towards something more traditional or give it a modern touch.

Carla Brillanti craft jewelry makes it easy with its quality designs. Its elegant earrings made with Swarovski crystals are perfect for a bride, but also for a special night.

Cucadas de Ana is a Spanish brand that does every conceivable kind of earring brilliantly. From simple drops and floral clusters with a pale iridescent gleam to rose pearl and strong copper tones set in fashionable rose gold, their pretty earrings have presence, but they never, ever upstage the bride.Do not miss also their necklaces and bracelets!

Jon Richard -crowned the winner of the Best Bridal Jewellery category in The UK Wedding Awards 2018- presents a brilliant collection of embellished jewelry with Swarovski crystals perfect for brides and for the most elegant guests.

Bridal hair accesories

This is your chance to adorn your hair with something truly gorgeous.

Otazu, inspires us with a selection of brial jewelry ready to  make any bride or bridesmaid truly shine as bright  as a diamond. And all Otazu’s jewelry can be customized to complement your wedding palette!

We also love Abrazi’s products, handmade jewelery in Italy from quality materials such as Swarovski crystals, pearls, silver and gold and designed in the Netherlands with the utmost dedication and eye for detail.

Giorre newest  collection is full of magic, providing the possibility of expressing yourself in form of various personalized tags and charms made in sterling silver 925 with exclusive Swarovski Crystals, perfect for brides looking for beautiful and elegant pieces.

And we can not forget the complement by antonomasia of the brides: the veil. The firm based in Berlin Bianco Evento stands out for its veils made of French and Spanish lace, premium satin, embellished with glass beads, glass pearls or Swarovski crystals.


Unisa knows that in a field such as the bridal, making a difference depends on the most dazzling and personal details, and that wearing comfortable shoes is key to enjoying the most important day of your life. This shoes, embellished with Swarovski crystals, are perfect in this way: you’ll be able to wear them all day and sparkle all night in comfort.