Add Brilliance to an Inky Base

Crystal-embellished Shoes, Sunglasses and Car AccessoriesJewelry isn’t the only thing that should sparkle – shoes, sunglasses, and even car accessories can, too. And why not? Swarovski crystals applied to an inky base material is a subtle, sophisticated way to add brilliance to any design. Here are three examples of how brands across the spectrum, from women’s accessories to car essentials, do it.

Högl Shoes- Made with Crystals from SwarovskiJewelry isn’t the only thing that sparkles. Högl, the Austrian shoe brand has over 80 years of experience in designing premium quality women’s shoes, and its ‘Gracious’, ‘Empress’, and ‘Eternity’ styles are proof of this. They’re also examples of how a tiny sprinkling of Swarovski crystals on a pair of shoes can add instant elegance to an outfit – whether you wear them with an evening dress or jeans and a tee. From the dainty, Crystal Fine Rocks-embellished ankle strap on the ‘Gracious’ heels to eight Round Stones and eight Fancy Stones on both the ‘Allure’ and ‘Empress’ style of pumps, an inky, black background helps this bit of shine stand out. These shoes are now available at hoegl.com.

Draper James - Made with Crystals from SwarovskiA bit of sparkling embellishment works anywhere: in sunnier climates, on the slopes, and even indoors. That’s the magic of crystals – as seen on this pair by actor Reese Witherspoon’s brand, Draper James. The brand, founded in 2013, now includes an optical collection with its signature feminine charm – as witnessed here by the trio of larger crystals, surrounded by a more subtle sprinkling of smaller crystals around the edges.

Mr and Mrs Fragrances Sunglasses - Made with Crystals from SwarovskiLooking for something that’s easy on the eye and a delight for the nose? Sounds like a tall order, but Mr&Mrs Fragrances has the answer. The Italian brand is renowned for its standout car accessories – because what car doesn’t need some extra embellishment? Niki Crystal is part jewel, part air freshener, and is designed by Luca Trazzi. It fits in all types of cars and numerous fragrances are available. But most importantly, it’s covered in crystals: rock Jet crystals with a gold or silver chrome finish, or rock Crystals in Bermuda Blue or Chrome with a silver chrome finish.