Back-to-School Uniform Chic

A colorful twist on pleats, tweed and plaid

Diplomat brat, New England private school, British public school, and even rebel-punk shows—they remind us of that phase we knew all too well, but still don’t want to forget. At least, not yet…
Uniform chic - Balmain
Uniform chic - Prada

There’s a certain freedom in wearing a uniform—one less decision to make in the morning, for instance. But rules were made to be broken, and designers this season are doing just that: Inspired by the back-to-school aesthetic of pleats, knee socks, tweed, plaid, and schoolgirl skirts, couturiers such as Marc Jacobs, Balmain, Prada, Derek Lam and Philip Lim have electrified the tried-and-tested traditions with looks that defy the too-easy split between teacher’s pet and class rebel.

The common thread that coursed along the catwalk was color, and lots of it. So don’t be shy this Fall—stand out and join the mix. For extra credit, fit all your pens and notepads into a bright, shiny tote.

Photography Sonny Vandevelde
Text Katharina Kowalewski