Candy Crush

We’re Looking at Life’s Little Luxuries through Rose-tinted, Swarovski-crystallized Spectacles! Fall in Love with these Treats from Guess, Cango & Rinaldi and Magia 2000.

From blush to bubble-gum to baby pink, it’s a shade that turns heads. Remember Marilyn Monroe singing “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” in that unforgettable shocking-pink gown? So, when we picked a few of our favorite things in our all-time best color, we didn’t just choose pink, we shot them against color-matched candy. La vie en rose, indeed!

Guess Watches made with Crystals from SwarovskiSome days you just want to keep people guessing – like turning up for a business meeting in a sober suit accessorized with a watch that’s fabulously frivolous. That’s when you reach for your Guess timepiece with its cute bubble-gum-pink strap and a face encrusted with rosy-hued ombré crystals. And the best bit? It’s analog. In a digital age, there’s something perversely cool about that. So, when you don’t want to show that you take yourself too seriously, but you can’t afford to be late, treat yourself to the gift of time, courtesy of Guess.

Cango and Rinaldi Sandals made with Crystals from SwarovskiThere are some party-girl sandals so fabulous that they deserve a round of applause. This pair, made by Budapest-based Cango & Rinaldi, who know a thing or two about sexy footwear, most definitely qualify. Bright pink, grown-up, with slender, sky-scraper heels and shimmering Swarovski Crystal Mesh embellishment that emphasize the toe straps, there’s only one thing to do: forget your flats and reach for the sky. We’ve fallen under their spell…

Magia 2000 doll made with Crystals from SwarovskiWhat she lacks in height (she’s 20cm tall) she makes up for in jaw-dropping glamour. The “she” in question is the latest creation from artist and doll-maker duo Mario Paglino and Gianni Grossi, whose Magia 2000 brand has built a huge reputation for tiny, exquisitely made creations. This miniature style icon is clad in a full-length, strapless, couture ballgown drenched in XILION Rose Flat Back Hotfix crystals in shades of pink. The workmanship in every detail, from elbow-length gloves and hair accessories to shoes and purse, all sparkling with crystals, has to be seen to be believed.