Cool Jewels

Splash Out on Jewelry with Eye-catching Dazzle

Change up the mood with seasonal jewelry additions to your wardrobe that are as cool as a forest glade. These pieces will give an intriguing, self-expressive edge to even your most basic outfits. Must-haves whether you’re a wood nymph or a rock chic.

Jewelry from SparkNo one puts the Spark into jewelry quite like this appropriately named brand. They are the masters of creating graceful, sensuous lines precisely set with crystals from Swarovski in moody, muted tones. The simplicity of these necklaces, earrings and rings belies the carefully conceived ornateness of the workmanship. Incorporating Swarovski Emerald Cut Sew-on Stones, Crystals Pearls and Kite Fancy Stones, these are pieces that look just as good worn with dressed-down casualwear as they do with dressed-up formalwear.

Jewelry from Merano DesignMerano Design has the knack of creating jewelry that’s feels contemporary and yet has a sense of drama and grandeur reminiscent of the baroque era. There are intricate, notice-me necklaces on slender chains, along with opulent earrings that frame the face and look sensational worn with hair in an updo; both come in rich a palette of burnished gold and bronze, jet and slate. Each show-stopping piece demonstrates incredibly detailed, masterful craftsmanship that will ensure all eyes are on the wearer.