Crystal Rocks!

Gothic Rock style specialists, and purveyors of a fashion philosophy it has dubbed “Destroy and Reborn,” KOYO has launched its latest collection for Fall/Winter 2017/18.

Rock in the Red Zone has plenty of the classic rock rebel motifs that we know and love—long, lean silhouettes; a palette with every color, as long as it’s black; fancy crucifixes, skulls and studded boots—but there are some witty surprises here that showcase the brand’s pursuit of “disruptive innovation.” A luggage strap worn as a tie caught the eye, while gender-fluid, glam-rock overtones could be seen in the big hair and glitzy, oversize shades for men, plus identically sleek hairstyling for men and women. Unusually, the boys were given way more sparkle than the girls.

A keynote piece was a stylish black bomber blitzed with thousands of Swarovski crystals, allowing the model to light up the blood-red runway almost as much as the black skull-shaped glitter-ball that loomed over the runway. KOYO’s stated aim is to give “full expression to the brand’s idiosyncrasy,” and on the evidence of this collection we would say that they’ve achieved their aim brilliantly.