“Crystalline”, by Diva

Diva with Swarovski crystalsDiva presents us her new artwork, Crystalline, that has a strong link with nature. This is the reason why it is so titled, voluntarily referring to the musical work of the singer Björk, who is inspired by minerals to create sounds.

As we can see, the female character in this work merges totally with a crystal vegetation of flowers that seems to naturally grow from her hair to form a complete, unbroken look.

Her expression transmits peace and tranquility, as if she were looking at infinity, as if fascinated by something the artist will not let us see; only imagine. The use of Swarovski crystals lets her consciously play with the power of light.

“We are living in dark, violent times. In my work, I try to reflect universal light, which gives energy and life to each and every form of life on our planet, including plants, animals and, it goes without saying, human beings”, the artist affirms.

“Swarovski crystal is, for me, a channel capable of reflecting this light. More than just a basic material, it has the power to connect us to our dreams and to remind us that we are light and not darkness.”

In this work, the artist manually applies the classic Crystal tone, from the Swarovski Color & Effects range, varying with great creativity its different sizes to create three dimensional effects that are highly characteristic of her style.

Crystalline forms part of a concept consisting of exclusive portraits and unique items in which the artist portrays a large variety of characters. This is all about works commissioned for the people  who want to form part of Diva´s luminous world.

Diva with Swarovski crystalsDiva with Swarovski crystalsDiva with Swarovski crystals