Denim Expertise Meets Crystal Mastery

Italian Brand Diesel Adds Glamour to Denim with CrystalsThis holiday season, Diesel showcases its denim expertise in its women’s fashion collection – a go-to for bold, sexy, sleek silhouettes, edgy details with plenty of metallic embellishments, and a raw sense of glamour. Five pieces, including a pair of short shorts and a denim bra, are given the extra-special Swarovski crystal touch.

Diesel - Made with Swarovski CrystalsBlack denim gets a big dose of nocturnal glitz with Swarovski Jet Hotfix crystals. The effect is beautifully demonstrated on Diesel’s Babhila classic, 5-pocket jeans and bra top. Worn together, it’s a standout look for the holiday season and excellent inspiration for how to dial up the sparkle on your own party-season designs.

Diesel - Made with Swarovski CrystalsFor another example of how Diesel’s denim expertise works well with Swarovski’s crystal mastery, take a closer look at these short shorts. They’ve been given a serious dose of glamour with Swarovski Flat Backs in dark Jet. The result? Raw, glamorous and edgy.

Diesel - Made with Swarovski CrystalsFinally, there’s Diesel’s denim cap and bra top – two additional styles in its five-piece women’s holiday capsule featuring Swarovski crystals. Here, Hotfix crystals in cool Jet add a touch of subtle sparkle to designs inspired by a cyber-punk sensibility and the underground world of hacking and the digital scene.