Desert Jewels

Rizwan Fashion has its foundations in the formative years of the UAE, when it was created to cater to the Royal Family and the crème de la crème of Emirati and GCC society. The brand’s design signature transcends changing fashions and popular trends, staying true to its cultural roots. Luxurious kaftans, elegant henna dresses and magnificent custom bridalwear in fabulous colors, fabrics and textures have won customers who have stayed with Rizwan Fashion for three generations.

This season marks a thrilling moment for those who love couture style, but without the price tag, because Rizwan Fashion is launching its first ready-to-wear collection. Called Desert Jewels, it’s a graceful fusion of Emirati culture and modern-day luxury in colors ranging from deep ruby and rich emerald to ivory and delicate pastels. Each airy piece has a streamlined silhouette embellished with Swarovski crystal embroidery, cut to suit the contemporary woman’s lifestyle while exuding feminine glamour. These are ideal pieces that will strike the right note over multiple iftars and endless socializing during Ramadan and Eid.