DIY I A very special bridal shoes

Swarovski Crystals DIYI was so nervous to be asked to customise a friend bridal shoes this year, but it turned out to be one of my proudest commissions. As you know, I am forever obsessed with using crystal AB but I think these shoes really show why. I was lucky to be making them for a very modern bride who wanted something fun and was happy with a lot of sparkle.

I think the best thing is that these are 100% unique to her and will surely get worn a lot after the wedding day which isn’t the case with a classic cream satin shoe. I love them, I didn’t want to give them away!


1. For this bridal shoe commission, I was working with a peachy rose gold coloured fabric, so chose a selection of hot fix and fancy stones crystals in AB, light silk and vintage rose.

Swarovski Crystals DIY2. I wanted something for the central focus of the shoe, so I went for a large star pendant in crystal AB.

Swarovski Crystals DIY3. To attach the star pendant I chose to sew it on through the strap of the shoe by hand using a needle and matching coloured thread.

Swarovski Crystals DIY4. Once the pendant was attached, using the hot fix tool I started with the largest hot fix stones which were xirius rose 2078 hot fix.

Swarovski Crystals DIY5. I applied 8 crystal AB in sizes ss34 and ss48. Now I have a good base of larger stones and will work will increasingly smaller crystals to fill in the gaps.

Swarovski Crystals DIY6. The next element I added were some star shaped fancy stones in AB and some chaton montees in vintage rose.

Swarovski Crystals DIY7. Both these crystals are in metal settings so I attached them using a super glue.

Swarovski Crystals DIY8. Next I added more hot fix xirius rose in light silk and vintage rose using the hot fix tool.

Swarovski Crystals DIY9. Working down to the smallest stones I finished off with some hotfix stars 4816 in 5mm crystal AB.

Swarovski Crystals DIY10/11. Continue adding crystals until you have an even spread of crystal from all angles.

Swarovski Crystals DIYSwarovski Crystals DIY12. Next the heel, I chose a small hotfix selection for the heel in vintage rose in two different sizes.

Swarovski Crystals DIY13. Starting at the top of the heel, use the hot fix tool to attach the crystal starting off quite close together.

Swarovski Crystals DIY14. I randomly choose between the two sizes as I go, this keeps it a bit more organic and natural looking.

Swarovski Crystals DIY15. Slowly move down the heel, adding more spacing between each crystal as you get towards the bottom, this gives a soft cascade feel instead of looking too perfect.

Swarovski Crystals DIY16. Continue until you are happy with the amount of crystal on each heel.

Swarovski Crystals DIY We’re done! I’m so happy with these, they look amazing in the light and are perfect for any modern bride (or cinderella!).

Swarovski Crystals DIYSwarovski Crystals DIY

Swarovski Crystals DIY

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