Dreams of Venice

Vinita Michael’s latest jewelry collection explores the world’s most romantic city. With a Bollywood fan base that includes Priyanka Chopra, Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, award-winning jewelry designer and gemologist Vinita Michael knows a thing or two about high glamour. Nothing could prepare her for the exquisite elegance of Venice, however. It inspired a very special collection, one as beguiling, bedazzling and romantic as the “City of Masks” itself.

If I were to rename romance, I would call it Venice.” When Vinita Michael fell in love with the magical “Floating City” she was inspired to create a collection of jewelry every bit as beautiful. She wanted to celebrate her dreamlike wanderings over bridges, through the magnificent piazzas and maze of streets as well as its famous canals. Drawing influence from its Renaissance and Baroque art; its Venetian Gothic and Rococo architecture; its atmosphere of elegant decay, she took forms and symbols and applied them to her designs. The result is a stunning collection called A Walk Through Venice.

A specialist in both fine gold and Sterling Silver set with precious gems, Michael has used all of them to create her opulent Majesty drop earrings. A rose gold-plated, ruby-eyed Venetian lion crowned with Swarovski crystals tops this stunning pair. In its mouth it holds a gold-plated cord articulated with a glittering crystal star and finished with a multifaceted crystal. Another statement pair, the Grandeur ear studs also play with the lion symbol, this time framed with luminescent crescent moons and green crystals.

Venetian columns were the inspiration behind the Dream of Venice drop earrings. Gold-plated Rococo-style ‘capitals’ top and tail a crystal-encrusted column that glitters like blue Murano glass, while a lustrous Crystal Pearl hangs from a delicate chain. It makes a stunning complement to the Novel cocktail ring, which shimmers with clear crystals held by a Sterling Silver filigree setting.

The Portia jewelry suite re-imagines the water fountains of Venice as a pair of opulent chandelier earrings and a statement ring. Just as the sprays of droplets catch the sun, sending myriad shards of light dancing around the grand squares, so do the multifaceted crystals illuminate the complexion. A constantly changing rainbow of light is enhanced by a mixture of silky Crystal Pearls, white rhodium-, yellow gold- and rose gold-plating. Exquisite.