Embroidery this year is being crazy. Everything full of embellished basics. We mostly find flowers, I love them for any season all year long. They create a romantic and bohemian look, adding some extra style.


You can mix trends or combine them with basics

If we mix trends, we get really obtain astonishing results  Here you can recall the outfit where I wore this metalized bomber with an embroidery of flowers. It drives me crazy, because you can make so much out of it. I think we should always have some striking pieces in the closet, they provide a wide range of variables on an outfit.




In this other look I combined the embroidery of a beautiful suede skirt with a shirt from Carlos, details make the difference and I know this for sure. The fact the skirt has the flowers, makes the impression of the look even better!


chaqueta estilo militar bordada

Look for embroidery on a jacket, you will not take it off!

I have used so much this embroidered military jacket, you can wear it every week: on a dress, with jeans,or on any shirt that you have in your closet, the list does not stop here, try not to put limit yourself and you will see cool and fun combinations spring.