Fit for Everything!

Sports Shoes to Take you from Gym to Desk to Dancing in Sparkling Style.The athleisure trend sees sports footwear dressed up for every occasion. Whether you’re a yoga fan or a gym fiend, or you just enjoy life on the move, there’s a functional yet stylish design that won’t let down the rest of your outfit. We check out crystal-adorned shoes by four active-wear brands that have set our hearts racing.

Kazar is a Polish label that offers stylish pieces to complement the contemporary active lifestyle. It’s an approach to fashion that has seen its fan base swell. Kazar has launched its Limited Edition with Swarovski Crystals collection, and there’s plenty to get excited about. Top of our list is the crystallized slip-on skate shoe and hi-top sneaker. The former (available in black or gray) features a sunburst of clear crystals on the toe and around the heel; the latter contrasts soft black suede uppers with gleaming black statement crystals along three leather straps. This is activewear at its most elegant.

A South Korean brand inspired by British fashion culture, Bean Pole Sports has a huge following in Asia. Among its Fall/Winter 2018 collection we spotted the Sporty Sneaker, which sizzles with on-trend attitude and sparkle. Available in a variety of black, white and red variants, it rocks a wedge platform sole plus the Bean Pole Sports logo highlighted in Swarovski crystals. Our verdict: a street-style star in the making.

In 2012, HICKIES introduced its revolutionary no-tie lacing system designed to turn any sneaker into “insanely comfortable slip-ons” while adding style and functionality. Now it wants to take your feet one step further with its first-ever luxury line, HICKIES with crystals from Swarovski. The idea was to team up with Swarovski to add shimmer via custom crystals in a refined palette of gray, black and/or white to each strap, transforming everyday shoes into wearable luxury. From spin class, to the office, or even a wedding, the collection adds shimmer to every step you take.

Bold, fun, wearable works of art—Master of Arts (MOA) is the Italian brand whose fashion sneakers have earned it fans all over the world. Two things stand out when you look at an MOA shoe: quality and creativity. It means that its designs transcend trends and can be worn anywhere. Our favorite, the MOA MASTER OF ARTS Disney Collection, has all the right ingredients: It marries MOA’s funky attitude with the iconic magic of Mickey Mouse and the sparkling glamour of Swarovski crystals. There aren’t many characters recognizable only by their silhouette, and this big-eared mouse gets his defined in dazzling style on the perfect white leather of a bestselling sneaker. Silver laces complete the homage. Wear your MOA Disney Collection sneakers to brighten up everyone’s day.