Flare pants

It was a year ago when I dared with some Flare pants. I realized that there are a lot of people as in love as I was with the sixties and seventies style, when I published a post with them in My Showroom!


I know that Rachel Zoe or Victoria Beckam are loyal followers to these jeans. I’ve now been encouraged to share with you, in Swarovski Crystalblog, my inspiration folder for this type of jeans. I think they stylize a lot the figure, the best trick is to wear them always with heel or a good platform to stylize the leg much more, the visual result is incredible!
It also helps 
a lot what type of Jeans you choose, the best is to try as many of them as you can until you find yours, I decided to wear these by Salsa, I really like this brand , in this post I also talked about them and their collaboration with Swarovski crystals. What about you? Are you in love with Flare Jeans?

bell bottom

campana pana

knit pants