Gold, the deco trend of 2018

Gold returns and it’s a trend in all its versions this season. The glossy, matt or aged golden finish goes from being purely classical to giving a chic and vintage touch to any interior design in 2018.

Gold is implemented in the most daily details of the home such as furniture, lamps, cranks, taps and all kinds of interior design accessories. In this way, gold can be included in each of the rooms, from the living room to the bathroom.

The Spanish company Bronces Mestre, proposes to beautify our bathrooms with a fantastic decorative faucet in gold finish. Its new Coquette collection includes bathroom fittings and accessories, and is ideal for those who seek to give their bathroom an eclectic touch. Italian-inspired, is the most feminine and European collection of Mestre. Coquette reinterpetates the emblematic Capitone skin in the details of high quality Spanish porcelain, offered in five attractive shades: red, white, black and blue.

Crystals from swarovski, luxury bathroom, deco trendFor the most artistic and creative, its Swan collection is pure Spanish craftsmanship. This collection is synonymous with glamour, fashion, elegance in 24k Gold finish with elegant Swarovski crystal details on the handles and bathroom accessories.

Crystals from swarovski

Crystals from swarovski, luxury bathroom, deco trendTreasure Collection is fine jewelry for those who are looking for an elegant and high quality details for their homes. With unique designs, handmade and embellished with Swarovski crystal and Gold 24K, these exclusive door hardwares possess force enough to convert simple rooms in extraordinary and uniques interiors.

If you are a lover of artistic design and different decoration products with Swarovski crystal, Bronces Mestre is a perfect choice for your home, since most of its collection of taps, bathroom accessories and handles include Swarovski crystals in various colors, and his designs are unique, high quality and made in Spain.