High–end Heels

Step Up the Style with GINA’s New Florrie Platform and Corsica Mule

Shoe label of choice for vamps and glamazons, GINA knows a thing or two about seduction. First and foremost is a dedication to beauty and quality: handmade in London since 1954, every shoe is destined to be an object of desire. The new Florrie platform sandal and Corsica mule are no exception.

Heavenly Heels: The New GINA Cocktail Bow

Their sleek satin finish – choose Emerald or Black – and signature vintage-chic cocktail bow trimmed with Swarovski 55000 Flat Back Banding makes an instant impression. It’s clear that both display sassy 70s elegance, but there’s also a shimmering undercurrent of dark romance that has cast its wicked spell over us. *Swoon*