Hot, Hot, Holiday Nails

Summer is…lashings of ice-cream colors topped of with some saucy sparkle! So says TNS, the Italian nail lacquer maestro. The brand sure has some delicious nail art cocktails to get you in the holiday mood.

Choose fiery red for your sunset aperitif. Relaxing on the beach, dining on the terrace or drifting on a yacht, this passionate hue enhanced with the stardust touch of Swarovski Crystalpixie reflects the colors of the sky.

Sunshine yellow is right on trend—just the color for some festival fun. Team it with braids, flowers, vibrant jewelry, extravagant eyewear, sparkling Crystalpixie and laughter—go wild!

You’ve packed your swimsuit, sun hat, sundress and sandals. Now all you need is some zingy orange nail lacquer to complete your paradise-perfect wardrobe. Top tip: sprinkle on some Crystalpixie for vacation-ready diva glamour.

Who said you can’t go glam while diving into the blue or enjoying a game of beach volleyball or yoga? Match your shade to your ocean or poolside lifestyle and have some fun. A light dusting of Crystalpixie looks just like sunlight on water.

Totally Instagrammable!