Into The Woods

Jean Paul Gaultier Fall/Winter 2016

When La femme oxydantale hit Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall/Winter 2016 runway at Paris Haute Couture on July 6, there was an audible gasp from the audience. It was the show-stopping appearance of a strapless satin tunic and matching pants (one of three Swarovski-crystallized gowns) that prompted such palpable admiration.

It represented the culmination of years of creative collaboration between Swarovski and the famously subversive, iconic fashion designer. Featuring an intricate crystal transfer specially developed for Gaultier from a print design, the two-piece had been fully embroidered with thousands of hypnotic Crystal Scarabaeus Green Kaputt-cut crystals. You’ll recall that both the iridescent Crystal Scarabaeus Green and the innovative, ironically “imperfect” Kaputt cut were launched in 2015 to widespread acclaim. Here, they gave the exquisitely ornamented fabric a unique metallic luster and brought mesmerizing beauty to the woodland-themed collection. The outfit’s luscious fruits-of-the-forest effect was accessorized with a bespoke Crystal Scarabaeus Green statement necklace. If this is the modern spirit of nature, then we’re all off to the woods with Monsieur Gaultier!