Jewelry, Take a Bow

Street Style June

If all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely bloggers (our apologies for misquoting Shakespeare!), then jewelry appears to be entering center-stage this summer. Melanie Galea ( has cast her keen fashion eye over the streets of Paris, London and Milan, and the message is: Whatever you wear, wear it with ornament.

Acting up for impact are Candice Lake in London, Thassia Naves in Paris and Alina Tanasa in Milan. Their maximalist approach requires a perfectly plain background to make the pieces pop: Bare skin, black polo, and crisp white, respectively. Strut it with plenty of style confidence and you’ve owned the look. Check out the attitude on that!
Meanwhile, in Milan and London, Helena Bordon and Doina Ciobanu are loving the layering. It’s just as high-impact, but their look is all about making a quirky, individual statement. So stack up your wrists and front a cascade of all your favorite pieces—it’s time to party, together.

Paris is the epicenter of chic, the place to spot understated elegance. Justine Lee nailed it at the Carré du Louvre in a Deco-style choker that gently riffed on the geometric patterns decorating her stunning duster coat. At the Jardin des Tuileries, Angelica Ardasheva shone in pretty pieces with an ethnic vibe. Happy? You bet—we’re giving this month’s star bloggers a standing ovation!

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Photography Melanie Galea