Keep Out’s Swarovski crystals-embellished ‘green’ Thimbles Are A Real Lucky Charm

The jewelry brand has created a sustainable collection with Swarovski crystals.

Keep out is an Italian brand, known for its ‘lucky charm’ thimbles that feature across its jewelry collections. The idea is inspired by an ancient Latin American custom, where grandmothers would pass down a small thimble to their daughters and granddaughters as a symbol of protection.

KeepOut's Swarovski crystals embellished ThimblesThis season, the brand has worked with Swarovski on its ‘New Life’ project ¬– a sustainable line made from recycled post-consumer waste materials, brought to life with brightly colored Swarovski crystals.

With three lines available, the first features Vintage Opal thimbles made from waste surgical plastic used during the most critical phase of COVID-19. Each one is embellished with Rivoli Star Fancy Stones in iridescent colors that represent the Northern Lights.

The second line strikes a bold contrast with black thimbles created from truck and car tires against an electric palette of Xilion Rose Hotfixes in yellow, turquoise and fuchsia, while the final ‘Futuristic Silver’ range presents luminous Fancy Stones in primary shades of red and green.

KeepOut's Swarovski crystals embellished Thimbles“We have learnt a lot from this chance to work with such a prestigious international brand with a great reputation for sustainability,” says Stefania Gagliardone, CEO of Keep Out Bracelets, about Swarovski. “We’ve found a way to ensure that our thimbles can contribute, even if minimally, to helping the planet by transforming waste into something wonderful, new and elegant, and that, maybe, brings us some luck.”

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