Light and Shade

How Sculptural Crystal Earrings Enhance Your Silhouette

Think of the striking geometric lines cast by a half-closed Venetian blind on a sunny day. Architects call this “skiagraphy” (“shadow writing” in ancient Greek), which refers to the shape of the shadows cast by simple architectural forms. Here, we show how jewelry can be used in a similar way to shape the body.

Otazu - Ondina Earhangers, Made with Crystals from SwarovskiWhen we imagine elegance, we often picture the long, lean lines created by a ballerina. The handmade Ondina Earhangers by Otazu recreate those graceful curves by lengthening the neck and framing the jawline. Naturally, it was the infinitely fluid ocean that inspired the sparkling waves motif. Team it with other pieces from the Ondina collection for extra impact.

Miestilo – long drop chain earrings, Made with Crystals from SwarovskiMiEstilo’s designer Oxana Beznina also found grace in water – tears of joy prompted by sparkling raindrops falling from the St Petersburg sky. She transformed them into the Wanderlust collection, which includes these long-drop chain earrings with dainty, suspended Raindrop Flat Backs. Wear them for poise, and to slim and enhance the length of the neck.

Dimitriadis - Twin Stars earrings, Made with Crystals from SwarovskiWhen the stars are aligned you can look your best, especially the Twin Stars earrings from the Planets collection by Dimitriadis. Fanning out to frame and refine the face as well as highlight the cheekbones, its gleaming rays are studded with 18 crystals in Ivory Cream and Golden Shadow. Add them to your beauty armory now!