Looks to Fall in Love With

Are you a true romantic this Valentine’s Day? Or are you a slinky siren? Whether your date is a brand new beau, a long-term love affair, your childhood sweetheart, or cherished life partner, “desirable” is the word to keep in mind when putting a look together for the most romantic day of the year. Melanie Galea (thestreetmuse.it) has been scouting the sidewalks of the world’s fashion capitals to pick up some tips for a perfect love match.

Feminine, floaty, and temptingly tactile is a major theme: Serbian-born Instagram star Tamara Kalinic looks angelic in her sumptuously soft sky-blue skirt of feathers—as if she could fly her man to heaven and back. A bejeweled clutch and top delivers enough sparkle to keep his gaze. Lise Grendene has also opted for masses of mesmerizing movement—a clever stylist’s trick designed to ensure that you’re always the focus of fascination. Sparkling all-white accessories and full fringing give the London-based eco-fashionista a gorgeous glow, with a slash of Valentine’s red for the lips. And just in case he forgets to bring you flowers, why not wear your own? Brazilian actress Marina Ruy Barbosa is exquisite in nude netting cuffed and topped with delicate white lace, garlanded with pastel blooms and embellished with floral crystals. Alternatively, Araya Alberta Hargate selects a single outsize flower to rev up her sexy secretary vibe. This actress, L’Oréal Paris ambassador, and red-carpet presence famed for her voluminous gowns, clearly understands how to attract the eye. Look more closely at the symphony in scarlet, though, and you’ll spot an adorably cute heart motif amid the myriad shimmering pleats.

Among those rocking a sleeker silhouette, Nicole Warne, author of leading fashion and lifestyle blog, Gary Pepper Girl, grabs the camera’s attention with glittering buckles, buttons and brooches pinned across her black two-piece and clutch. Like Nicole, jewelry designer Sabine Getty understands the value of black for showing off your sparkling assets. Double-breasted crystal buttons teamed with crystallized velvet and lace elevate an elegant dinner outfit to the realm of unbelievable glamour. Meanwhile, Lala Rudge, founder of La Rouge Belle Lingerie, directs her dazzle to emphasize her cinched waist. The message is: If you’ve got it, flaunt it. 

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Photography Melanie Galea