Love in a Bottle

Who Knew a Liquor Bottle Could Symbolize Eternal Love? Chinese Liquor Company Wuilange Embellishes its Latest Collectible Bottle with Swarovski CrystalsValentine’s Day is upon us, and chances are, you’re looking for unique ways to show your love. Flowers, chocolates and jewelry are always welcome gifts, but for something a little different, Chinese spirit company Wuilange has released a collectible bottle designed to look like a diamond ring. If that doesn’t show your love…

Our Xirius Chaton takes brilliance to new heights—and so does this bottle by Chinese spirit company Wuliangye, which features the crystal in its largest size, 50mm. The collectible bottle’s diamond ring is designed to look like a diamond ring from above and symbolizes eternal love. It also includes two Flat Back crystals, one on each side of the lid.

Wuilange Collectible Bottle - Made with Swarovski CrystalsSure, the liquid inside the bottle is meant to be consumed, but like a diamond ring, the Xirius Chaton can live on forever—and therefore, so can this bottle. Long after Valentine’s Day, at least.