Love’s Spark

Swarovski Crystals Put the Fire into Wedding Jewelry by SPARK

There’s something magical that happens between two people when they begin to fall in love. Often called “the spark”, that intensity has now been captured in a gleaming silver and gold set that glitters with Swarovski crystals by Polish jewelry brand SPARK. Prepare to get dreamy-eyed at this latest wedding collection…

Every bride deserves to look sublime on her wedding day, but with traditional ideas about bridal styling now sharing the stage with modern and unconventional approaches, that leaves a whole lot of room for interpretation and inspiration. Fortunately, SPARK has something beautiful that works for every concept.

Wedding Jewelry by SPARKIf you want perfectly pretty pieces to suit a romantic theme in a setting such as a woodland or beautiful garden, then the Lotus earring-necklace set ticks all the boxes. A more formal religious ceremony followed by a reception at an imposing venue will suit the heritage-inspired Lily set. Both come in gold or silver with Swarovski crystals in Light Silk, Emerald and Silver Night.

Wedding Jewelry by SPARKThe Trapeze set has a striking contemporary beauty and the kind of versatility that will lend a little sparkle to anything from vows exchanged on the beach to a just-the-two-of-us civil wedding. A choice of silver or gold with dramatic Silver Night or eye-catching Aurora Borealis crystals gives Trapeze its glamour.

Wedding Jewelry by SPARKFinally, the ring: SPARK’s Kite design not only works well with Trapeze, its standout asymmetric styling can be worn with statement impact. Two kite-shaped Swarovski crystals are placed yin/yang-like to represent two people in perfect harmony. Choose gold or silver and combinations of Crystal, Silver Night, Golden Shadow and Aurora Borealis to tell the story of who you are. What better way to make it personal?